Third Thursdays – a monthly opportunity to engage with existing and new customers through art, music and culture.

Third Thursdays is a new arts, music and culture programme that aims to make the centre of Brighton more vibrant, through events, performances, film projections and new artwork commissions. It will create moments each third Thursday of the month, beginning on 16 December, for residents, visitors, shoppers and customers to engage with art and culture around the BID area. And will encourage people to come into the centre of Brighton on those evenings each month. 

Third Thursdays will be a prime opportunity to engage your existing and new customers. It will be a chance to target people who have come into Brighton attracted to arts, film, culture and music, with similar customer profiles as Brighton Festival – young people, students, families, middle to high income culture vultures, prosperous digital creatives, and professional culture consumers.

Third Thursdays is a collaboration with the Brilliant Brighton Business Improvement District. 



There are several ways you could get involved. This is a list of examples – there may be ways in which you want to test something or be a host for a Third Thursdays’ event. Please run any ideas by us, and we can talk about how Third Thursdays can work with you.

Some examples of how you could participate: 

  • Host an event – be a venue for a film screening, a light installation, a music performance or a film projection. We can work with you to curate an event in your space, working with local artists, drawing audiences to your business.
  • Organise an event – if you have an idea for an event or have an artist or musician you’d like to work with, then you can propose the event to us for Third Thursdays.
  • Product launch – if you have a new product you’re wanting to get an audience for, and you’re planning to have art, music, film or culture as part of that launch (could be a DJ or film programme or performance), then we can help to promote that event through Third Thursdays.

 You may have your own ideas – we’re keen to know what you might like to do to engage with audiences, customers and communities.

To submit your proposal or to offer your venue/space as a host for an event, you can get in touch with us by email:



Corporate Social Responsibility – if you have CSR targets, this could be an ideal way to meet some of them, engaging with local communities and supporting the city’s cultural infrastructure.

Community engagement – reach out to communities and support local artists by volunteering your space for an event. In return, engage new communities and audiences with your business.

Deepen brand relationships with customers – arts and culture are at the core of who we are – design, film, videogames, fashion, music. Third Thursdays can be a way to reach new and deepen relationships with existing customers and audiences.

Bring more people into your venue/space – hosting an event can simply attract more people to your venue/space. Holding a music performance, a film screening, a workshop or being a spot for an outdoor projection site can draw more people to your venue and add value to your offer. 



videoclub is the curator and producer of Third Thursdays. We develop and deliver arts, film and culture events across the UK and internationally. We’ve delivered programmes in USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Argentina, and in Europe. Working with Turner Prize-winning artists and celebrated venues such as the ICA, Whitechapel Gallery, Echo Park Film Center (L.A.), Hillyer Arts Space (Washington DC), Osage Gallery (Hong Kong) and Shanghai Gallery of Art. You can find out more about our work here:

To get in touch with questions, ideas or proposals, email us at: 

Third Thursdays is part of ABCD Cultural Recovery Plan, supported by Arts Council England, Brighton & Hove City Council, Brilliant Brighton Business Improvement District, Pebble Trust and the Welcome Back Fund (HM Government and European Regional Development Fund).

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