Thursday 21 April 2022


Between 7 and 9pm


Gardner Street, Bond Street, East Street and Brighton Place (The Lanes)

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We’ve invited musicians from across Brighton & Hove to participate in Third Thursdays to play live music in the streets. Artists have been invited to play their own music for listeners to enjoy. April’s music has been programmed by Abiola Otusanya.


Chloe Leigh

Inspired by wordsmiths such as Leonard Cohen and Laura Marling, Chloe Leigh’s music portrays sincere tales of love and loss in uplifting melodies. The message is always hope, no matter the hurt. This fiery redhead is from London with roots from the South of Spain (Ha! Bet you thought she was Irish). The Spanglish singer fell in love with folk music at a young age, and after being challenged by her singing teacher at The BRIT School to write a song a day, Chloe quickly developed a large catalogue of songs that she was keen to showcase at gigs across the capital. She now resides in Brighton, playing iconic festivals – Isle of Wight, 2000 Trees and Glastonbury are just a few. The newest songs are inspired by her Spanish roots, carefully blending folk, pop and a touch of Latin flair to create her unique sound.

Yazmyn Hendrix

Yazmyn Hendrix, London-born loop artist, layers powerfully enchanting vocals, lush harmonies, haunting voice effects and gentle beatboxing. She makes her music in the now – carving something from nothing and making time stand still five minutes at a time. She’s an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn is synaesthetic, meaning she associates each song, each word and each instrument with colours and textures; this gives her an original perspective when writing and performing. In her own words, “Sometimes I find myself begging for my inner self to stay strong and guide me; this outer physical world can be so distracting from the truth we already have within. I see music as the channelling of a higher power that connects us all.”

The Kelly Collab

Bringing you sweet soul, jazz and R’n’B fusion, The Kelly Collab has been performing along the South Coast since October ‘21. 

Writing and playing originals and covers with Eden Kelly on vocals, Brandon Mcbrayne on guitar, Dyl Cosmo on drums and Benjy Edwardes-Adenis on bass, you’re warmly invited to groove out to this sound. 

Ophelia’s Eden

Ophelia’s Eden is the alias of producer and singer-songwriter Ciara Gayer. She enjoys sharing her passion for music, and will take you on a journey of contrasting emotions. Currently creating her album Boundary Road, and planning a trip in a van to promote her music globally, an adventure not to be missed!

Ciara is a big music lover and spends her time listening, teaching, composing, DJing and producing a large range of music. You can hear a huge variety of influences in music by Ophelia’s Eden from soul and jazz musicians, cinema composers and trip-hop, dub and pop producers. 

Musicians will be playing live on Gardner Street, Bond Street, East Street and Brighton Place (The Lanes) between 7 and 9pm.

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