Films in windows: ‘Public Figure’ by Ryan Ormonde and Madalina Zaharia


Thursday 17th February 2022


Between 5 and 7pm


Habitat, 23-25 North St, Brighton BN1 1EB

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Public Figure by Ryan Ormonde and Madalina Zaharia will be showing in the window of Habitat on North Street between 5 and 7pm.

Public Figure is a lyrical account of a body in space, a metrical composition in which poet Ryan Ormonde is carefully observed and reimagined by Zaharia’s cinematic eye. Through this exchange, the poet and the onlooker are collectively staging a particular sense of ‘publicness’, a certain type of relationship that relies heavily on the tension between the body and the voice, and has its source in practices of embodied poetry and writing.

The film is guided by the changing and wavering voice of the poet, a voice completely independent from the body and at the same time in restless search for a physical host, following its presence around the fictitious and dreamlike set of Ormonde’s domestic interior.

‘Do I dance how you expect? The filmed body is captured in tension with the disembodied voice in voice-over. Moments of lip-synch simultaneously bridge and expose the schism. Queerness is delineated through its oppositions. Oranges will fall.

Thank you to Habitat for partnering with us for Third Thursdays.

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