Film Trail


Thursday 17th February 2022


Between 6 and 7pm


Between Western Road and Preston Street – meet at Deichmann on Western Road to join the film trail tour

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Between 6 and 7pm we will be showing short films above shops and restaurants of Western Road and Preston Street. Viewers can follow the trail or just watch one film. We’ll be walking films through the streets using a portable cinema set up, from Western Road to Preston Street.

Meet at Deichmann at 178 Western Road at 6pm to start the tour.

Access: the trail will cover approximately 1km, all wheelchair accessible. The pace is fairly leisurely. Films will be subtitled.


pale, blue by Syd Farrington, 2021

A reflection on the simple sweetness of a quiet exchange. Flowers bought from a shop, 45-years expired film, and an afternoon in a garden in spring. 
The film is shot on expired Kodachrome film and processed by hand.

True Sound Façade by Laura Nasir-Tamara, 2020

Commissioned by Barbican x The Smalls for their “Inside out” short film series, “True Sound Facade” is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realises their digital self feels truer than their real world self. The film takes its inspiration from the japanese notions of “honne” the true sound, one’s innermost feelings, and “tatemae”, the façade we put up to live in society. It stars Kino McHugh, dancing with and against a colourful animated environment born out of her movements.

Memory Theatre by Thomas Lock, 2012

Memory Theatre takes as its starting point a personal reflection on my memory of cartoons, films, online videos and music. The material used in the work ranges from reflections on my childhood in the 80’s through to the present day. Collage and cut up techniques run throughout the editing creating confusing and psychedelic relationships within the visual and sonic content. Video is broken down through pixelation whilst layers of imagery, sound and live action are merged together.” – Thomas Lock

Airy Me – Cuushe by Yoko Kuno, 2013

Yoko Kuno’s animation follows a scientific test subject who becomes a Chimera. We follow this shapeshifting post-human explore what it means to go beyond human needs. Is the creature moved by memories, admiration, love or hate?

The animation was made as a music video for Cuushe’s song ‘Airy Me’. It contains over 30,000 drawings created by the artist.

Shon Faye – Catechism by Emily Mcdonald, 2017

Shon Faye reflects on her experiences within all sides of the LGBT spectrum and scrutinises the labels that mainstream society has forced upon her in her short film Catechism. In relation to her life as a trans woman, she explores the darker truths that many like her experience in their day to day lives.

Directed by Emily Mcdonald. Commissioned in partnership with Tate by Channel 4’s Random Acts.

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