A Religious Experience at Fabrica


Thursday 16th December 2021


5 to 7pm


Fabrica, 40 Duke Street, Brighton BN2 9PJ

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A Religious Experience

At Fabrica, a programme of three films will be reflecting on our relationship to religion, with works by artists from Australia, China and the UK. videoclub presents films by artists AznGothBoy, Matt Lambert and Lu Yang, which take us on journeys that are otherworldly and fantastical, exploring queerness, omnipresence, and plant-based gods.


Lu Yang, Moving Gods, 2015, 4:43 mins

Using a mixture of CGI and live action, Lu Yang references religious iconography from Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, Shingon Buddhism, and Christianity to create living representations of iconographic Gods.

Matt Lambert, God is Watching, 2017, 3:24 mins

The avant-garde performance artist, David Hoyle remembers his first visit to a gay club, his first memory of thinking ‘God is watching’, and talks about the importance of Queer spaces. Commissioned by Tate and Random Acts.

AznGothBoy AKA Chen Pin Tao, Temple of Physiotology, 2019, 8:46 mins

In the video work Temple of Physiotology, both fact and fiction are obscured to create factish narratives. Through these narratives, an otherworldly space-time continuum is generated for the viewer to dwell in and experience.

Curated by videoclub for Fabrica as part of Third Thursdays.

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